We offer our employees the highest quality standards in terms of service. Receiving your salary in time, and correct payment for irregular shifts. And personal attention. At OTTO Work Force we treat people, as we like to be treated ourselves. With respect! Our employees are our capital and we take very good care of that. Our endeavours to achieve the highest quality standards are further underlined by our membership of ABU and the NEN 4400-1 and VCU-certifications.

Working in the Netherlands 
Each day some 5,000 flex workers work for OTTO Work Force in the Netherlands. The majority of ouremployees are originally from other countries and are (temporary) employed in the Netherlands. The
boundless opportunities OTTO Work Force offers you as an employee in Europe, may entail that you will work in another country. If this is the case, you have to rely on proper arrangements having been made. OTTO Work Force is honest and transparent in this respect. This means that, wherever you want to workin Europe, we take care of your career.


Choosing a job abroad is not always the easiest option. How do you get to your destination, for instance? At your request, OTTO Work Force can organise your bus transport to the Netherlands. Do you have your own car or do you prefer to fly to the Netherlands? No problem whatsoever, the choice is entirely yours.



Have you made the choice to work abroad? Most of the time you can start working for your new employer within a couple of weeks. Are you going to work abroad and do not have accommodation as yet? You do not have to worry. We understand it may be complicated to find accommodation in a foreign country at short notice. If so desired, you can live in one of the many ‘residential locations’, which OTTO Work Force employees may make use of for a short or extended period of time. These locations may be holiday parks, hotels or apartment buildings. The company Labour Housing takes care of accommodation on behalf of OTTO Work Force. All Labour Housing accommodation has the ABU Certified Flex Home certificate of approval. Both OTTO Work Force and Labour Housing provide suitable housing on a non-profitmaking basis.

A new country, a new culture, a new job. As an OTTO Work Force employee, many changes to cope with in a short span of time. At OTTO Work Force we set great store by coaching on the work floor as well as on a social level. Our account and location managers are your contact persons and will assist you with all your work and housing related queries.



Medical insurance is compulsory in the Netherlands. This may be confusing at times, especially since health insurance is not for free. When you work for OTTO Work Force in the Netherlands, you are required to present valid proof of medical insurance. Do you not have medical insurance in your country of origin or in the Netherlands? Then we can make the necessary arrangements for you. OTTO Work Force works together with a large healthcare provider and can offer you attractive health insurance; this is on a non-profitmaking basis for OTTO, of course.


More info?
Would you like further information about living and working abroad? Or are you looking for a challenging position? Please contact us.